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You are more important than my courses!

No! I will not promise to make you speak like a native Italian in a month. We both know that's impossible. The only person who can really improve your Italian--is you! Without your commitment, your Italian will always remain at the same level as it is today.

I am here to create rich and effective pathways for you in each course. I am here to enrich your Italian with many new strategies. I am not here to "talk on my own" in video lessons. I am here to help you acquire new vocabulary and structures forever.

How my online Italian school works

  • All the courses are included in the subscription
  • The subscription costs 28 euros per month and renews automatically
  • Cancel the subscription anytime
  • All the courses are included in the trial week
  • Credit card is not required to access the free trial. There are no automatic payments at the end of the trial period  

My advanced Italian courses are for you if...

You already have an intermediate/advanced level

Your Italian is already good and you are able to communicate. In terms of European standards, my courses are perfect if you are trying to reach a C1 level. 

Italian is your language at work

You work with the Italian language - tourism, translation, teaching or any other sector- and want to gain more freedom to communicate with your Italian clients or colleagues.

Italian language is your passion

Italian is your intellectual exercise; you want to keep practicing and improving. You are independent in your study but don't like studying with apps and prefer real interaction with a native speaker.

You are an expat in Italy

You live in Italy, you know how to communicate but you want to take your understanding to a more advanced level and you also want to be told ... wow, you speak great Italian!

What you will find in my courses

  • The right content for your level
    Finally find everything you need to continue improving your Italian in one place
  • Study when you want
    Finding the right class time is always difficult, isn't it? On Best Italian Classes you study whenever you want! But...
  • Really interact with me
    You have lots of tools to interact directly with me, ask questions and make examples, solve all your doubts!
  • A lot of practice
    You can read, listen, watch. But it is only through practice that you really enrich your Italian.
  • Method
    I guide you from your first contact with the new elements until you are able to use them independently, on a precise and effective path.

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What advanced Italian topics we will cover:

  • You will be able to understand and use Italian pronominal verbs
  • You will be able to understand and use the so called verbi sintagmatici, that are the Italian phrasal verbs
  • You will be able to understand and use many Italian idioms
  • You will do listening exercises while learning a lot about Italian culture and history
  • You will practice a lot of advanced grammar
  • You will have fun with proverbs
  • You will enrich your vocabulary with suffixes
  • And much more!

How your study routine will change


Better organized

Stop looking for courses, videos, materials everywhere. In my school you find everything you need, in one place. Videos, quizzes, PDFs, just content suitable for your level.

Real interaction

Really transform your Italian with practice. Take advantage of real interaction with me to be sure you are applying your new knowledge correctly and effectively.

More motivated

Discover the tools I have created to boost your motivation: download the Lexicon Grid, the Study Calendar, use the motivational forms within the courses.

How your Italian will change!


More freedom

You will acquire more strategies for saying exactly what you want to say when you speak in Italian (and not something approximate because you lack words!)

Boost your comprehension

Getting in touch with so much new vocabulary will increase your understanding. Even outside my classes you will begin to say, Uh! I understand everything!

More self-confidence

Through interaction with me you will always be sure to acquire new vocabulary correctly and use advanced strategies the way native speakers do.
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What my students say  

I will see you in my courses!

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