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Advanced Italian Vocabulary: free resources you cannot miss!

Free resources to learn advanced Italian vocabulary are now online!

Advanced learners of Italian are often left alone to upgrade their vocabulary. Usually they just watch television, read, or listen to podcasts. Those are all great methods, but as you may know, being guided in the vocabulary enrichment process is much better. Even better when it is free!

In order to help you enrich your Italian vocabulary, I have created plenty of free resources that are available at Best Italian Classes or across its various social media platforms. Let’s see how you can start improving your Italian right now and for free. 

1- My Free course about Italian idioms with clothing vocabulary

Yes, one complete free course is available to you at Best Italian Classes.
It includes video lessons, quizzes and downloadable PDFs in order to master more than 70 Italian idioms with clothing vocabulary.
And if that is not enough, the course includes access to the community where you can ask questions, make example sentences and receive feedback.
Yes, you read that correctly… it’s all for free!

2 - Free Italian courses on SkillShare to upgrade your vocabulary

SkillShare is an amazing platform where not only you can improve your Italian, but also attend thousands of other courses on different subjects.
With Best Italian Classes you can get a free trial period and access my two advanced Italian courses on SkillShare.

Italian proverbs with animals

Have fun with Italian proverbs. They are an excellent method to boost your comprehension skills, learn new words and improve your memory.This course includes 6 video lessons with captions and a PDF containing exercises to practice your new vocabulary.

Italian Dictation Exercise

Dictation is one of the best methods to practice your comprehension, writing and vocabulary all at the same time. In this course you will find two dictation exercises with a correction video.

3 - Free PDF lessons about Italian idioms

I use my Instagram and Telegram community to share free lessons and resources.
Join my Telegram group to download the PDFs of my lesson about Italian idioms with food. You find exercises, corrections and a glossary, and yes, they are free!
On my Instagram profile, you can find my previous live streams where I did exercises with my followers and can also find some short quizzes on my stories.

By following me on Instagram, you can get free content almost daily. This gives you a chance to learn new Italian words and phrases everyday.

4 - Free Italian classes

You can start all of my courses at Best Italian Classes for free. This allows you to see if the course suits your knowledge level and to start enriching your Italian vocabulary before having to buy the course.
For example, you can start learning how to use Italian pronominal verbs or learn Italian idioms using the word lingua. You can also learn how to use all the Italian phrasal verbs with giù
Why don’t you start right now?

5 - Free Advanced Italian Vocabulary Grid

Everyone learns vocabulary in a different way! When trying to learn all of the countless idioms that are in the Italian language, my students have seen the quickest success when using my Vocabulary Grid Template.
Archiving all of the idioms that you encounter into distinct categories makes for easy recollection and studying of the vocabulary.
Create your account on Best Italian Classes and download the editable version for free! It contains 25 categories of advanced Italian vocabulary that you can start collecting right now!
These are all very good reasons to join Best Italian Classes’ community right now and start improving your Italian vocabulary! One additional benefit is that I promise not to spam your email inbox!
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