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Advanced Italian Vocabulary: is it really necessary?

Why should you learn advanced Italian vocabulary?

If you already have a good understanding of Italian, it means that you already know all of the basics to communicate. This includes expressing your thoughts and holding a basic conversation. But...

Vocabulary makes you more independent

There is however, another perspective to consider when debating learning more Italian vocabulary.

I like to think of vocabulary as the currency of a language. The more you store in your pockets, the more freedom that you have when using the language.
Happiness is not always about having the most of any certain thing or being perfect, especially regarding a language.
But the more advanced vocabulary you know, you will receive more independence, leading you to more experiences and better relationships

These and the points below are all great reasons to start enriching your advanced Italian vocabulary with Best Italian Classes!

Boost your comprehension of spoken Italian

Both of these situations happen in every language! 

You are speaking to a native, and they can see that you are understanding the language. Then BAM, they start speaking as if you understand every single word, leading you to become lost and feel frustrated.
For practice, you are watching your favorite Italian movie or television series. While watching you have a good understanding of the plot, but you do not quite know if he really cheated on her or not because of the idiom they used!

Comprehension is the first thing that is positively affected when you start mastering your advanced Italian vocabulary, even if you are not yet using these idioms and pronominal verbs in your dialect.

Say everything you want to say (also in Italian)

I am guessing that you have already experienced that feeling, ‘wow, I almost sound like I am fluent’’ and then within seconds, you are stuck, unable to find the right words.
The richer your vocabulary is, the more you can express yourself exactly how you want to and the less often situations like this will happen. More freedom again!

Professional reasons

Even professionals need to constantly learn new words and phrases! I have a background in the translation of two languages and I know that it is vital to constantly enrich my vocabulary in those languages.
Even if you are not a language specialist but you use your Italian to communicate with your clients and partners, enriching your vocabulary can become a strategic necessity.

Advanced Vocabulary is a good brain exercise!

Why not! The acquisition of new vocabulary is a memory process that will keep you young!

Improve your Italian, improve your self-esteem 

And if you are a language lover, you probably understand this already. All of those who speak another language crave to learn new words or expressions and use them. Also, there is no better feeling than being told “Your Italian is excellent, you speak it very well”! It can build a bit of earned and honest pride! 

How can you start improving your Italian vocabulary?

I have very good news! You can start enriching your Italian vocabulary now and for free joining  my online Italian school for one week! Follow this link and access the trial period without a credit card. 
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