Italian pronominal verbs

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  •  Free first class and E-book
  • Level: advanced 
  • Final test
  • Captions in Italian
Tutti i verbi pronominali italiani
  • FREE first class and E-book!
  • More than 80 pronominal verbs (plus an extra  pronominal "bad words" section)
  • 140 minutes of video lessons with captions and transcriptions 
  • NEW: 188 quizzes
  • Final test with personalized feedback
  • Glossary
  • Access to the course community
  • Downloadable PDF files with a focus on grammar
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Why should you buy this course on Italian pronominal verbs? 

Italians use pronominal verbs countless times throughout the day: do you want to permenently boost your comprehension and speak like a native?

It's true, italian pronominal verbs can be a challenge even for intermediate and advanced learners.
With this course pronominal verbs will become a possible and easy goal to reach.

 Thanks to all the practice and tips included in this course you will be able to use Italian pronominal verbs and you will be proud of your proficiency

Other questions before mastering
Italian pronominal verbs

What is the final test?

The final test is the added value of Best Italian Classes full courses. You will be asked to create your own sentences with some selected phrasal verbs and you will receive a personalized feedback. The final test will fill the gap between hearing a pronominal verb and being able to use it, in the right context, like a native would do. 

10% off if you sign up for this course today.

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Learn how to use all Italian pronominal verbs
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