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Intermediate and advanced learners are generally left alone to enrich their Italian
by reading and listening on their own.
Best Italian Classes is the online school where you can acquire advanced Italian vocabulary faster, more effectively and 
in a good company.

CIAO! I'm happy you reached my online Italian school!

My name is Irene. I am a translator and a qualified Italian teacher. My first students taught me how difficult it is to find online didactic content for advanced learners of Italian. As a speaker of two foreign languages myself, I know the feeling...
That is why the mission of my online school is to help all the learners "stuck" in a good Italian to gain more comprehension and fluency by enriching their vocabulary. 
"Thanks to Irene I was selected a finalist in the Fluent in 3 months challenge for my progress in Italian."

"Irene mantiene la promessa di insegnare delle cose che si imparano solo con la pratica diretta della lingua."

"Mentre seguivo ho avuto l'impressione di essere in una lezione privata. Raccomando questo corso."


Real Interaction

I will always be by your side. Feel free to ask questions in the Community section of each course. Best Italian Classes is not an app, it's an online school made by and for real people!

A lot of practice

There is no vocabulary acquisition without practice. Each course includes a practical section and/or quizzes and/or a final test. Not enough? I am just one message away to answer your questions!


In the main courses you will always be guided from the first contact with words and expressions to the moment you will be able to effectively use the new vocabulary.

Clear price

No extra costs, no bad surprises. Pay only 28 euros for each month you decide to stay. Cancel anytime. And yes! All the extra value of the final tests is included!
The final test is the added value of Best Italian Classes.
Use the new vocabulary at the end of the learning journey and receive a personalized feedback from myself.
You will never leave my courses without being really able to use new vocabulary.

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217 Euros


Video lessons


Final tests

I have always wanted an affordable price with no tricks for my Italian classes.
But what about VALUE? 
Best Italian Classes is a real school with real interaction, not just videos and quizzes!
Vocabulary acquisition, practice and guidance at the lowest price possible.

What will you learn?

You can either buy one course or choose the subscription plan


B2 - C1 Italian courses

Your level of Italian is at least intermediate. My content is ideal for B2 and C1 learners. If you have any doubts, try all the courses for six days!  

Professional use

You study or use Italian for professional reasons, - tourism, translation, teaching - but you are not a native speaker. My courses are thought exaclty for you! 

Italian language lovers

Italian is your passion and brain exercise, you want to keep practicing and feel that you are really improving. You don't like apps and you need a real interaction with a native speaker

Expats living in Italy 

You live in Italy as an expat and you can comunicate but you would love to boost your comprehension and beeing told: wow, your Italian is amazing

Your experience is the only thing that matters

"Ho appena finito il corso «Impara a usare tutti i verbi pronominali» e volevo ringraziare Irene per un corso proprio fantastico che rappresenta un’enorme fonte di informazioni! Nel corso ho trovato tanti esempi e quiz che mi hanno fatto capire il contesto giusto in cui si può utilizzare questi verbi. Per farla breve questo corso è da non perdere! Buttatevi! Grazie di cuore :)

"Sto imparando il vero italiano con Irene, in modo leggero e didattico. Prima di iniziare il suo corso su Best Italian Classes, avevo una conoscenza molto basilare della lingua, solo per la comunicazione più essenziale e sicuramente non quella di tutti i giorni. Ora mi sento molto più fiduciosa e pronta a comunicare ancora meglio in Italia. Che libertà!"

Marina Tira
"Parlando già italiano, ho sempre avuto sete di qualcosa un po’ più approfondito. Quando ho travato il suo corso, i miei occhi si sono veramente illuminati. Ci sono materiali molto utili da scaricare e i quiz che ci aiutano impararlo ancora meglio. Irene ha un metodo organizzato, tranquillo ma anche appassionato. Anche agli studenti asiatici può andare molto bene questo corso."

Yesul Kim
studentessa koreana in italia
more about me
Born and raised in beautiful Umbria, foreign languages have always been my passion. I have a translation background but the perfectionism of that field wasn't my cup of tea and I opted for tourism. My brain needs to practice other languages to feel better, that is why I still work as a tour guide when I can.
I love good food, small towns, dessert wines, everything Irish, I pretend to practice yoga and meditation, I hate backache and cauliflower.
And yes, I am a DITALS certified teacher of Italian.
More about me

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Frequently Asked Questions 

 What will I be asked to do in final test?

If you purchase a course with the final test, you will be asked to prepare a text using the vocabulary of the course. By doing so, you will have the chance to be corrected in every small detail, with a grammar focus as well. A real luxury in language learning!

  Which level do your courses suit?

At the moment, I don't provide absolute beginner courses. My target students are intermediate and advanced learners of Italian. (B2-C1) Start the trial period so that you can try if the course suits your level.

  How can I pay? Is it safe?

This online Italian school is hosted by Learnworlds.com, you are guaranteed all the safety tools of an industry-leading platform.  Use main credit cards or Google Pay. 

 Can I communicate with you while taking the online courses?

The personal contact with my students is an essential value of my online Italian school. Participate in the course discussion and follow me on social media. I am just one message away. 

 I am a grammar addict, will I like your courses?

I am aware Italian can be a tricky language when it comes to grammar, but my main goal is to enrich your Italian vocabulary. However, every course includes a grammar focus when necessary (so, yes, you will like my courses anyway!).

 Are there subtitles?

The video material of my online Italian courses is always in Italian. I don't want you to miss a single word, so courses include subtitles, and sometimes a glossary, transcriptions or text slides: everything you need to enrich your Italian vocabulary.
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