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Italian proverbs: can they enrich your Italian vocabulary?

Improving your Italian with proverbs. Why not?

Let’s be honest, proverbs are not a part of the core curriculum when you are learning Italian. However, I believe that there are plenty of great reasons why proverbs should not be overlooked. Especially for advanced level students trying to improve their fluency! Let's dive in!

Improve your comprehension skills

Proverbs are used all of the time by Italians! Have you encountered any yet… probably. As an advanced level student, learning some of the most frequently used proverbs is a great way to quickly boost your comprehension.

Also, you need to note that sometimes Italians abbreviate these proverbs in their speech. Let’s look at an example.
You are talking about something that will take a long time to become noticed, you are told ‘campa cavallo’.
If you already knew the full version of this proverb, “campa cavallo che l’erba cresce” then there is a very good chance that you will understand your friend’s expression. (This proverb literally means: The horse has to be patient and wait for the grass to grow again)

Add new words to your Italian vocabulary

Another good reason to learn Italian proverbs is to reverse your perspective. Do not learn Italian proverbs, instead learn Italian through proverbs.
There is a good chance that you will not just learn these proverbs for comprehension, but you will probably pick up some new vocabulary along the way.

Let’s look at an example. I guess you might still be wondering what the verb compare means in the proverb: campa cavallo che l’erba cresce. Well, let me unveil the mystery.
Compare is a synonym of vivere, though when you use it, you express a little bit of added effort and struggle with life’s problems.
And there you go! Not only did you learn a new, commonly used Italian proverb, but you also added an advanced verb to your vocabulary.

Italian proverbs are fun

Last but certainly not least, proverbs are a lot of fun! They always tell a short story and give you a quick insight into Italian traditions and culture.
If you use a proverb with one of your friends from Italy, you will definitely get some eyes turned your way (because you sound like a native) and maybe even a laugh! 
You can probably see now why you should start learning Italian proverbs, or better said, to improve your Italian through proverbs!

Start improving your Italian with proverbs now!

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What are you waiting for, you are not the horse in the proverb!
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